[IC]XDA Belafonte keycaps V2 update

[IC]XDA Belafonte keycaps V2 update

[IC]XDA Belafonte keycaps V2 update

XDA Belafonte

A Life Aquatic inspired keyset.

  • Slightly brighter white and yellow colors
  • Added 1.5 Backspace to Extra Mods
  • Removed extra 2.25U shift from mods
  • Added 1U and 1.5U pipe to alphas
  • Add white tilde to alphas
  • Increase Alpha legend sizes
  • New glock novelties
  • New more nautical arrow keys
  • Adjust legends for better spacing
  • Added full board renders

The Sets


Let me tell you about my keyset.

The XDA Belafonte keyset is inspired by the film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. It is a nautical themed keyset that is based on the ship Belafonte. This set was designed by Spooknik, and will be ran though KBDfans. We hope you like what you see.

This is the alphas kit. It contains the keycaps you'd need for any board.

This is the modifiers kit. Combined with Alphas, It contains the keycaps you'd need for most common layouts. Named after Esteban. He's dead now.

Numpad kit, if you need it.

Extra modifiers kit for additional compatibility. Contains some of the most specialized keycaps.

40% kit. For users of 40% boards, Planck, and the like.

Novelties kit, which I thought up in a dream, actually.

International kit, support for UK, DA, SE, NO, FI, and DE layouts. Designed by an engineer from the Chinese space program.

Space bar kit. 7U, 6U (off center), 3U, 2.75U, 2.25U, 1.25U spacebars. The 1.25U space bar isn't suppose to look like that but a 1.25U space bar doesn't exist for XDA.

Dictated, but not read.


Technical Specs

Current Status

We are starting off with an intrest check for XDA Belafonte kit. Please fill out the Google form if you're interested. All valid feedback will be considered.

Please leave a comment with any questions, comments or feedback.


Big thank you to onishima for the original concept for this set and gave me permission to draw inspiration from their work.