KBD8X MKII Mechanical keyboard kit

KBD8X MKII Mechanical keyboard kit

KBD8X MKII Mechanical keyboard kit




In collaboration with ai03, the KBD8X has been redesigned inside and out.

Enjoy improved aesthetics and typing comfort for an accessible price.

Sleek and seamless

Thin bezels have been carefully outfitted with a seamless aesthetic for a modern, minimal look.

A brass weight on the bottom adds the premium touch.

Thoroughly engineered

The top-mounted plate and dual flex slot PCB are optimized for typing comfort.

For maximized flex, choose the polycarbonate half-plate option (Compatible with PCB-mount switches only).

Tailored to you

The case halves' colors can be mix-and-matched - enjoy unique color combinations that suit your preferences.

Choose a regular top for maximum functionality, or a winkeyless top for a classic appearance.


PCB done right

The PCB offers built-in overcurrent and ESD protection, making it durable against mishaps.

The Caps Lock and Scroll Lock keys' LEDs can be switched between indicator and backlight mode with a toggle switch.

The perfect match

The KBDPAD MKII numpad is designed with the same profile as the KBD8X MKII, allowing for a matching aesthetic setup.

Pair them together for full-fledged functionality on the desk.

Current specs

Case weight: 2370g

Dimensions: 358 x 134 x 32mm

Case material: Anodized aluminum

Weight material: Bead-blasted brass, clear-coated to prevent tarnish

PCB features:

 - In-switch backlighting

 - Num lock indicator/backlight switch

 - Dual flex slot cutouts

 - RGB underglow

 - USB Type C

 - ESD and overcurrent protection


Options to choose

Plate options: Brass full plate, Polycarbonate half plate

Case options: Full or WKL top


Case colors (selectable for each case half):

 - Black

 - Grey

 - E-White (Matte white)

 - Purple

 - Pink

 - Red

 - Blue grey

 - Green



More renders here