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SKU: ZH1622
by KBDfans

This is the Group Buy for the Melody65, an high profile and thicc ​top mount  keyboard. To add multiple kits, compile the form multiple times.

You can get the founder edition here:

Melody65 limited edition:Click

You can get extras here:

Extra Meloly65 PCB: Click

Extra Meloly65 Plate: Click

Extra Meloly65 Foams: Click

We suggest to buy foam to make the sound better and more dampened!
Note:Case foam has holes for RGB, but might reduce the rgb underglow if you picked PC bottom and universal PCB
  • Each standard kit includes a brass weight on bottom, founder edition doesn’t have a brass weight
  • Keyboard has a 7​°angle
  • Both the PCB are QMK and also VIA compatible
  • PCBs layout:​ Click
  • To achieve RGB on bottom you need Universal PCB + Polycarbonate bottom.
  • To achieve RGB on top you need Hotswap PCB ANSI
  • Each PCB will have a type-C daughterboard PCB,PCB color is Matte Black
  • Design is different between standard and founder edition:​​ Click
  • Brass parts are coated ​
  • Plate will match the PCB layout you pick
  • Colors of aluminum can’t be mixed, whatever color you pick, that will be used on all your aluminum parts
  • E-white costs more, depending on how many parts you pick, for a total of +$39 for 3 pieces(top/bottom/plate)

● Keep in mind that what you see is the result of a prototype and renders, which can not represent exactly the final product you will get.
● Plates design might be slightly changed to make them better, still there will be 2 different plates(universal and hotswap ansi)
● The front of the case will be slightly lowered (about 2-3mm) because the keyboard is very high and big and the design might slightly change to allow better tolerances between parts.

Check Taeha Types stream of the Melody65Click

VIA Firmware