Fully Assembled Tofu65 DZ65RGB V3 Hot Swap Mechanical Keyboard

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SKU: ZH2579
by KBDfans


  • Tofu 65% Aluminum Case*1 (contains Brass weight)
  • DZ65RGB V3 Hot-Swap PCB*1 (RGB per-key)
  • Brass/Aluminum/Polycarbonate Plate*1
  • GMK/Cherry Screw-in Stabilizers 60 Set*1
  • Rubber feet and screws
  • USB-C cable(SKU: PJ0036

Optional accessories

  • KBDfans 65% Mechanical Keyboard Carrying Case (SKU: DP1061)
  • KBDfans handmade custom mechanical keyboard USB-C cable: Click

Friendly remind

  • Since the design of this case is Tray Mount. So if you are going to buy the kit without any switches, we can not finish all the assemble service on the keyboard. The service we will provide in this situation is to clip and lube the Stabilizers only.
  • You could buy Tofu65 DZ65RGB Hot-Swap Kit without assembly service: Link
  • The kit doesn't include any keycaps.

VIA Firmware