Cary X F0T1 Artisan keycaps Set

SKU: DP4188
by KBDfans

Group buy time: 2021.11.10-2021.11.30

Shipping time: 2 months after Group Buy ends

Design inspiration: In tribute to the early Apple's first generation macintosh computer and M0001 keyboard, Cary designed and produced the hot VE monitor and C11 mini keyboard, this keycap is the VE and C11 mini keycap version, a unique Apple style, hope you like it.


  • Brand: Cary X F0T1
  • Model: VE-key, C11-key
  • Material: aluminium alloy + PC
  • Aluminium process: CNC+electrophoresis
  • Colour: Aluminium alloy: EP-white/EP-black
  • PC: clear frosted
  • Packaging: custom aluminium case
  • Number of keycaps: set of 2(Not for sale separately)