Bounce 75 Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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by KBDfans

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  • Mounting Style: Top Mount
  • Typing Angle: 6 Degrees
  • Plate Material: Aluminium, Brass, FR4, Polycarbonate
  • Weight Material: Aluminium, Brass
  • Aluminum Plate/Weight Colours: Black, Grey, Silver, E-White, Navy Blue, Midnight Purple, Burgundy
  • Case Colours: Black, E-White, Acrylic, Silver, Grey, Navy Blue, Midnight Purple, Burgundy
  • PCB: Standard or Hot-swap(No RGB, only for the LED indicator)
  • Firmware: QMK
  • Connecter: USB-C (Daughterboard) 
  • The Acrylic case will have a silver LED indicator housing, as shown in renders 

Included parts

  • Top Case 
  • Bottom Case
  • LED indicator
  • USB-C Daughterboard


Extra parts (Please select them by yourself)


Numpad kit: Click


NOTESBased on the manufacturing technique, the color matching between bounce 75 and bounce Numpad may not be 100% same. Even with the same color option, the color might have slight differences. (Same to the plate and weight bar options)


Geekhack Thread:




Universal PCB

ANSI Plate

Hot-swap PCB