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SKU: DP2545
by ePBT
Group Buy Date: March 11 to April 11, 2022
Estimated shipping date: will be announced after the GB ends
  • Material: PBT material
  • Production Method: Dye-sub (The red and blue keys are reverse dye-sub)
  • CAN: ApexKeyboards
  • US: Mekibo
  • SEA: Monokei
  • Rest of Asia & Worldwide: KBDFans
  • EU: MyKeyboard
  • UK: proto[Typist]
  • AU: DailyClack
  • India: StacksKB


    The Inspiration

    This set was inspired by the colors of the main character of an anime-style music video, for one of my favorite songs (Shelter), by one of my favorite artists (Porter Robinson)!

    I wanted the set to capture her hair, dress, and room with the light & dark pink alphas and mods, while the accent of blue captures the pale, empty sky that usually surrounds her. This is my first set, but I wanted to make sure I do the inspiration justice and create something for anyone who is a fan of the character, song, artist, or just the colors themselves.


    Alphas: Pantone 705C*
    Alpha Legends: Pantone 702C*
    Mods: Pantone 702C*
    Mod Legends: Pantone 705C*
    Accent: Pantone 2707C*
    Accent Legends: Pantone 2767C*