ePBT Scandi

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SKU: DP2648
by ePBT
ePBT Scandi | amCharts

  • Group buy date: From June 14th to July 14th, 2021
  • Estimated shipping date: will be announced after the GB ends


  • Manufacturer: ePBT (using their new molds)
  • Profile: Cherry 1-1-2-3-4-4
  • Material: PBT
  • Legends: Center-aligned icons, dye-sublimated
  • Colors: 8 custom Pantones


Color Comparisons



Covers everything from TKL down to 60%, including terminal ISO, Alice support, F13, Mac bottom row swaps, and a 6u spacebar.

Dalecarlian Runes

These are a late version of the runic script, having evolved from Elder Futhark to Younger Futhark to Medieval Runes to finally, these. They were in use in the Swedish province of Dalarna until the early 20th century and were mainly used to transcribe the Elfdalian language and to inscribe names and ownership marks on various objects. As such, it has been designed for full use with the Swedish ISO layout. To be honest however, the inclusion of this kit is tenuous and will depend on its reception.





For a more muted (and expanded) take on the classic CMYK mods.

Novelty Accents

Additional Language Support Kits


Covers Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, German, and Icelandic layouts


Covers French AZERTY (France and Belgium) and UK ISO


Covers Spanish and Portuguese for both EU and Latin American layouts


A Colevrak+ kit covering Dvorak, Colemak, Programmer's Dvorak, Colemak DH & DHm, Norman, Carpalx QGMLWY, QWPR, and Wide Mod

Monokei Artisan

This will be made in brass with a light gunmetal PVD finish