GMK Agent 01

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SKU: DP2314
by GMK

Group Buy Date: April 9th-May 9th, 2021

Design Inspiration

    We are proud to introduce Agent 01, an elegant, bright, and eye-catching set from GMK themed around a fictious rougue op agent. It's a killer, isn't it!

DISCORD: Link   

Instagram: Link             


USA: Mechs and Co.
UK: Proto[Typist]
China: KBDFans
Sea: Ilumkb
Oceania: DailyClack                                                    

Artisan Keycaps     
  • RAMA Fingerprint (glow in the dark, Alu, R1, 1U)

  • RAMA Garrote (glow in the dark, Alu, R3, 2.25U)

  • THOK (Gunmetal gray, PVD Brass)