KBDfans SPRit Spring tester

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by KBDfans



  • Springs from Sprit Korea
  • The switch comes from GATERON YELLOW
  • KBDfans assembly
  • Dyesub Keycaps,Cherry profile 
  • Includes springs with 35 kinds of pressures that are currently popular.
  • 2 versions, linear version (Gateron Yellow Stem) tactile version (Gateron T2 Stem)



15 S  (Actuation 10cN)  World Premier Ultra light  Rev v4.2
20 S  (Actuation 15cN)  World Premier Ultra light
25 S  (Actuation 20cN)  World Premier Ultralight  Jan 2019 
35 S  (Actuation 25cN) World Premier since Jan 2018
40 S  (Actuation 30cN) World Premier since Jan 2018
45 S  (Actuation 35cN) World Premier since Jul 2017
50 S
55 S (Actuation 35cN) 
60 S (Actuation 45cN)
58 S  (Actuation 43cN)
62 S (Actuation 45cN)  [Shinken 真剣 ダナ Edition]  
63.5 S (Actuation 45cN) [Shinken 真剣 ダナ Edition]   World Premier 2017
65 S (Actuation 48cN)  [Shinken 真剣 ダナ Edition]    
68 S  (Actuation 50cN) [SPRiT Vintage Black Edition]  
72 S  (Actuation 53cN) [SPRiT Vintage Black Edition]   
78 S (Actuation 58cN)  [SPRiT Soft MX Clear Edition]  World Premier since 2014
85 S  [SPRiT MX Clear Edition] World Premier 2013  New v4.3 from Oct 2020


55 S SLOW Extreme - Starts at 35g, slow force increase. Optimized for Linears. 
60 S SLOW Extreme - Starts at 40g, Better Slower curved than Gateron Yellows.
63.5 SLOW Extreme - Starts at 42g Optimized for Tactiles, Linears and some Clickies. 
65 S SLOW Extreme - Starts at 42g. Optimized for Tactiles, Linears and some 
68 S SLOW Extreme - Starts at 44g. Optimized for Tactiles, Linears and some Clickies. 
72 S SLOW Extreme - Starts at 46g, Optimized for Tactiles, Linears and some Clickies. 
78 S SLOW Extreme - Starts at 52g. Optimized for Tactiles, Linears and some Clickies. 
55 S SLOW Extreme II - Starts at 38g
60 S SLOW Extreme II - Starts at 42g, Slower and flatter curved than 60 S Extreme I
63.5 SLOW Extreme II - Starts at 44.5g
65 S SLOW Extreme II - Starts at 45g
68 S SLOW Extreme II - Starts at 47g
72 S SLOW Extreme II - Starts at 50g 
78 S SLOW Extreme II - Starts at 55g


55 P     -  Starts at 22g, actuates similar to 45 S.  Oct 2018
63.5 P  -  Starts at 25g, actuates similar to 55 S.  Oct 2018 
68 P     -  Starts at 28g, actuates similar to 58 S.  Oct 2018   
72 P     -  Starts at 30g, actuates similar to 63.5 S. Oct 2018
78 P     -  Starts at 33g, actuates similar to 68 S.  Oct 2018
100 P   -  Starts at 36g, actuates similar to 78 S.  Jan 2019  
125 P   -  Starts at 38g, actuates similar to 85 S.