KBD75 V2 Hot-swap RGB Mechancial Keyboard DIY KIT

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SKU: ZH5670
by KBDfans


  • KBD75 V2 anodized aluminum case (with Acrylic mid-layer)
  • Aluminum weight
  • Tray mount structure
  • KBD75RGB Hot-swap PCB (per-key RGB on top), without RGB underglow, fixed layout
  • QMK, VIA support (Pre-flashed with VIA compatible firmware already)
  • Brass plate/Alu plate (same with Tofu84) (The Tofu84 Plate is compatible with KBD75 v2 case, KBD75 V2 Plate isn't compatible with Tofu84 case)
  • Cherry screw-in stabilizers 60 set
  • The acrylic mid-layer NO RGB light


  • PCB x1
  • Case x1
  • Plate x1
  • Stabilizers 60 set x1
  • USB A-C cable x1
  • Rubber feet and screws

Flash Manual