Tofu60 Walnut O-Ring Mount Case


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SKU: DP2675
by KBDfans

Updates: The next batch is expected to arrive on 12/20, 2021


  • Typing angle: 6 degree
  • Structure: O-Ring Mount
  • Dimensions LxWxH1xH2: 30.3 x 11.8 x 2 x 3.3 cm
  • Compatibility: DZ60 v3, DZ60RGB V2, DZ60RGB-ANSI PCB, etc.
  • Only retained four screw posts and one threaded hole to make the PCB more elastic


  • Case x1
  • Standoffs x4
  • O-ring screw gaskets x8 
  • Scerws and rubber feet


  • The case is organic wood made, it is a normal phenomenon if there exits the little gouge or little stripe, please do not add it to your cart if you care about it, thank you.