Tofu84 Burgundy Red 75% Mechanical Keyboard Kit

SKU: ZH2087
by KBDfans

Update: The PCB has been changed to the black color


  • Tray Mount
  • 75% layout 
  • Soldered Version


  • Case: Tofu84 Burgundy Red, Aluminum Material
  • PCB: Soldered version; Type-C interface; RGB underglow; Support VIA and QMK; VIA firmware  Download
  • Plate: Aluminum material (The Tofu84 Plate is compatible with KBD75 v2 case, KBD75 V2 Plate isn't compatible with Tofu84 case)
  • Foam: Case foam (Put between case and PCB)
  • Stabilizers: Cherry screw-in stabs 60 set