TTC Gold Pink mechanical keyboard Switches

SKU: ZH0213
by TTC

10 switches per pack

  • Switchtype:linear

  • Cover:transparentcover

  • Base:lightgolden

  • Button:GirlyPink

  • Contactpoles:unipolarcontact

  • Contactmaterial:goldalloy

  • Operatingforce:37±5gf

  • Pre-travel:2.0±0.3mm

  • Totaltravel:4.0-0.3mm

  • Duration:100millionkeystrokes

  • Switchingvoltage:2~12VDC

  • Switchingcurrent:10μA~10mADC

  • Contactresistance:500mΩMax

  • Insulationresistance:100MΩMin


Being a switch with lightest operating force, the TTC Gold Pink switch brings comfort and smoothness to long time typing & gaming.

Straightupanddownlinearswitch,lighterthan ordinary red switch;


Thetoleranceof±5gramsforceisjust1/3of the ordinary switch (±15 grams force), which makes the feedback of each key stroke consistently; Builtwithqualityelasticmaterialanddouble gold contact structure, the service life is up to 100 million strikes, which is twice that of ordinary mechanical switches.

PatentedTTCdualwallstructure,beautifuland exquisite, elegant, dust-proof effect is 3 times that of ordinary switches