KBDfans PCB mount stabilizers partner

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SKU: DP1037
by KBDfans


  • Polycarbonate material
  • Apply to the PCB Mount Stabilizers
  • Each package has 7 sets and can be used for the keyboard of the full size (104 keyboard needs 8 sets)
  • 3M glue on the side surface. Fixed on the side of stabilizers.
  • Only works for unassembled keyboard 


The installation should be careful that the steel wire does not touch the plastic body.

To use this product, your keyboard must be a plate. If you do not use the plate fixing switch, you cannot use this product.

Installation guide

1,The plastic buckle is fixed on the side of the stabilizers,Check carefully that the steel wire does not touch the plastic buckle。

3,If your stabilizers are not screws in, you can use our buckles to fix your stabilizers feet so that they are not easily pulled out

Use a screwdriver to open the space for the stabilizers' plastic feet, and then insert the buckle. Press tightly with a screwdriver. This process is more difficult because it is relatively small.