Mechanical keyboard switches Kailh PCB Socket CPG151101S11

SKU: PJ0167
by Kailh
Key Specifications/Special Features:
Rating voltage: 12V AC/DC (maximum) and 2V AC (minimum)
Rating current: 10mA AC/DC (maximum) and 10μA DC (minimum)
Contact resistance: 200mΩ (maximum)
Insulation resistance: 100mΩ (minimum) (100V DC)
Withstand Voltage: AC100V(50-60Hz)
Motion Force: 3.0kgf max
Operating Life: 100 Cycles (can replace switches 100 times)

Product Application:
Mainly applied on computer keyboards,cash registers equipment and Man-Machine
The order exceeds 10000 pieces, can contact me, we can give you the wholesale price.
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