F1-8X V2 Barebone Kit

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SKU: FXV2008
by KBDfans


Layouts : WK / WKL
Mount : O-ring Gasket , Plateless (Plates are compatible with F1-8X)
Typing Angle : 9˚
Front Height : 16.5mm
Materials : Top/Bottom - Aluminium , Weights - Raw Copper
Weight : 3.3kg (Built)

Designed by Geonworks , Manufactured in South Korea

Cases : A6063-T5
Weights : Copper
Bumpon : Silicone


  • This is an unlimited sale, and the shipping date may be delayed depending on the quantity.
  • Expect to sell around 800 units, which will take about 6 months.
  • However, if it sells more than that, we will announce the estimated shipping date accordingly.

F1-8X0G/F1-8XV2 Compatiblities

Accessories YES/NO
Top / Bottom
  • Metal tag is only for V2
  • Fly DB also only compatible with V2
  • Fly DB is for PCBs that do not have a USB port, such as the H87nu used in F2.


Price $376 / $410 includes below items:

Aluminium Top/Bottom
6 Copper Weights (Raw)
FKM (aka Viton) O-ring 3mm, 2m

Carrying Bag, 1680d
Black Feet, Silicone
Plate, Alu Leaf-spring V1.1 Standard
Metal Tag, Stainless steel

PCB are not included in the kit.


  • A RAW version and this is literally raw material.
  • It has no surface treatment, so you should use it cautiously.
  • There may be scratches, small dots, discoloration, etc.


  • United States - Divinikey, Keebsforall
  • Malaysia - Mecha Store
  • Singapore - Ktechs, Mecha Store
  • Australia - Cafege
  • Thailand - Aiglatson Studio
  • Europe - Eloquent Clicks, Deltakey Co., Candykeys
  • United Kingdom - Proto[typist]
  • Vietnam - MOKB
  • Philipines - Zion Studio
  • Taiwan - INPAD
  • China - KBDfans
  • Canada - Ashkeebs
  • South Korea - Geonworks, Separate from the global schedule.
    Rest of the world - Geonworks


Precautions and Guidelines before Purchase

  • In the case of exchange or refund, only products whose components have been checked after the product is collected within 7 days of receipt.
  • The anodizing process may cause discoloration, smudging, banding, etc.
  • Ring marks inside the housing may be visible during the anodizing process.
  • CNC processing marks, scratches, and discoloration of invisible parts (including weight and plate) are not considered for exchange or return after assembling the product.
  • Housing prints and scratches over 3 mm can be exchanged or returned.


  • Case: 1300 units have been completed, and another 1400 units are in production. (2024-5-31)