PBTfans Ryokan

Only Child Kit In Stock
SKU: PT40-5
by PBTfans


PBTfans Ryokan is inspired by the typical and traditional Japanese inn using the same name.

It features a wood-ish colorway and minimalistic novelties inspired by the sliding doors and the tatami but also by meals, futons, and onsen. The idea was to represent the different rituals experienced during the stay visually. The horizontal gradient is used to give volume and depth to the whole keyset while making it look quite singular.

QC Standard

PBTfans Keycap QC Standard: Link 




  • Material: ABS
  • Profile: Cherry profile
  • Production Method: Doubleshot
  • Manufacturer: PBTfans
  • Friendly Reminder: Only keycaps included, no keyboard
  • Compatibility: Cherry MX switches and MX-style clones
  • Packaging: ABS keycaps tray with designed tray cover
  • Designer: Biip


  • In-stock sale: December 22nd
  • In production(2023-11-30)
  • Physical sample approved,queued for production(2023-11-02)
  • The color of the alpha area has been changed, waiting for new physical samples; the Novelties mold is still being adjusted. (2023-10-20)