Tofu60 Redux Case

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by KBDfans


  • Case: Anodized Aluminum, E-coating Aluminum or Acrylic
  • Weight bar: Brass, surface sandblasted process
  • Structure: Tray-mount
  • Compatible with most 60% PCB, including DZ60 rev3.0/DZ60 RGB-ANSI/DZ60RGB V2/GH60/Wooting 60HE PCB, etc. As seen in our video in the photo gallery!
  • Weight: Aluminum case approximately 0.8 kg (non-brass weight bar) / Acrylic case approximately 0.4 kg (non-brass weight bar)
                Aluminum case approximately 1.08 kg (with brass weight bar)
  • Typing angle: 7 degree
  • Price range
  • Link to Tofu60 Redux Keyboard Kit

Comparison with Tofu60 1.0

  1. Sandblasted brass weight is added internal, the weight is increased
  2. Replace the round rubber feet with long strip rubber feet
  3. Two detachable golden stand-offs located in the middle and bottom of the case interior
  4. To tackle the issue with USB port placement, the USB port has been redesigned. It is now a movable sider to accommodate Standard GH60 PCB's and Wooting 60 HE's port alignment. Its functionality allows for USB port to aligned correctly for fit various implementations.

Note:  The $5 discount code (LOVEKBDFANS) is not valid for the Tofu60 Redux.


Price $59 of the case only includes the following items:

  • Case (with USB blocker) x1
  • Foam pads x1 set
  • Long strip rubber feet x1 set
  • Bottom foam x1
  • Screws x1 set

Optional accessories

  • Brass weight bar x1 (+$25 USD)



  • The pre-order colors will ship around Jan 25th(2024-01-12)
  • All pre order color cases will be in stock around Dec 18th (2023-12-04)
  • The pre-order will ship in 2 weeks, added 5 new color options.(2023-11-18)
  • The pre-order will ship in 2 weeks, the new colors case will start production.(2023-11-09)
  • The pre order cases will ship in 1-2 weeks after order placed (2023-10-13)
  • Will finished production around the end of Sept.(2023-09-22)
  • Part of the colors start shipping (2023-08-29)
  • Estimated shipping date: September 2023
  • Release Date: 2023-07-07

    •  Since the USB position of Wooting60he is different from the GH60 PCB (deviation is about 1mm), to compatible with both the wooting60he and dz60 PCB, we changed the USB port cut-out to a removable slider, and this extra part will match the case color you pick (2023-06-27)

  • The prototype has been confirmed, it is in production now (2023-06-14)


1. Keyboard case - If you see any resemblance of marks or foreign material under 2 mm (tool marks, stain, dent, sand mark, scratch, etc.), you're not eligible for Return & Refund.

2. Brass weight - If you see any resemblance of marks or foreign material under 2 mm (tool marks, stain, dent, sand mark, scratch, etc.), you're not eligible for Return & Refund.

3. Case interior - Based on the production method of anodizing and spraying, the product can lead to some smearing at the surface level, and you'll see some hook marks within the case. Also, the spraying process can not guarantee that the color will look 100% the same on the internal case corners. The color off on the interior case and the interior corners are not eligible for Return & Refund.

4. About the potential coating defects: Because the Faraday cage exists for this type of production method, it's going to be hard to coat the Interior corners perfectly. Insead of kill all the smoothness on the case coating, the interior painting job won't be as perfect as the exterior's.

-Make sure to QC your keyboard case and weight before building it. For any issues besides the three above, please get in touch with our customer support agents to get help.
-For anything built is not eligible for Return & Refund.

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