DZ60RGB-ANSI v2 Hot Swap Mechanical keyboard PCB

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by KBDfans


Compatible Plate  Compatible Plate Compatible Plate
SKU Name Link
PJ0055 Brass ANSI Plate Click here
PJ0075 Aluminum ANSI Plate Click here
PJ0057 Aluminum Plate-B (left shift is 2.25U) Click here
PJ0059 Brass Plate-B (left shift is 2.25U) Click here
PJ0184 Carbon Fiber ANSI Plate Click here
PJ0135 PC Material Plate Click here
For orders placed after 5/17 2021, the flashing method has been changed.  Click here: New Flash Manual

Get the .bin file directly from here: New dztech_dz60rgb_ansi_v2_via.bin

Compatible Case


  • Software Support: VIA
  • PCB Version: Hot-swap
  • PCB Port: Type-C
  • RGB support: Per Keys RGB
  • Layout: 60% ANSI layout
  • VIA VIA Support: Download


  • PCB*1

VIA firmware: