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by KBDfans


  • Basic Features: 1.6 mm non-flex cut Hot-swap PCB; Caps lock key support RGB indicator; QMK firmware, VIA support; USB-C port, with daughterboard+JST cable.
  • New Design Principle: the Pavlov PCB is different from that of traditional mechanical keyboards. It is the first mechanical switch solution to utilize the principle of electrostatic capacitance. The switches still use traditional MX mechanical switches, but the triggering mechanism employs electrostatic capacitance, while also featuring hardware-level key debouncing. For example, switches that used to have issues with chattering can still function normally on this PCB.
  • Electrostatic Capacitor Solution Compatibility: In the future, we will develop a dedicated set of electrostatic capacitor components to adapt to this PCB.



  • PCB X1
  • Daughterboard x1
  • JST cable x1