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by PBTfans


More than twenty years ago, you were button-mashing with glee… And we both know that still hasn’t changed. So why not relive those good old days by powering up your battle station with a vibrant Atomic Purple theme? Inject some 90s gaming nostalgia into your desk setup with these playful see-through purple plastic keycaps.

Evoking fond childhood memories of playing video games in the 1990s, this keycap set is inspired by the translucent purple colourway of some gaming systems of this iconic era. The keycaps feature a light purple, semi-transparent outer layer; alongside primary coloured accents and novelties that pay homage to some of the classic gaming consoles of yore.


  • Material: ABS Material
  • Profile: Cherry Profile
  • Manufacturing Method: Double shot injection molding
  • Manufacturer: PBTfans
  • Packaging: ABS keycaps tray with designed tray cover
  • Compatibility: Cherry MX and MX clones switches
  • Friendly Reminds: Only keycaps included, no keyboard
  • Designer: Bobasweatandtears

IC form


  • To be updated


  • The sample for novelty keys send to designer for confirmation (2024-06-11)
  • Working on the sample for novelty keys.(2024-03-28)
  • The mold customization will finish on March, waiting for the physical sample (2024-03-01)
  • R5 physical sample has been approved, working on the mold customization.(2024-01-05)
  • There are still problems with the two semi-transparent keycaps. Working on R5 sample(2023-11-30)
  • R3 sample approved.(2023-10-11)
  • R3 Physical sample sent to designer for confirmation. (2023-09-26)
  • Working on the mold customization for novelty keys (2023-08-09)
  • R1 sample wasn't approved, will do R2 (2023-07-17)

QC standard

  • PBTfans Keycap QC Standard: Link


This should not be treated as 100% accurate reproduction of the original Atomic Purple colourway. There are several limitations, such as the original casing shells did not have any underlying white opaque layer below the translucent purple layer, which is unavoidable in this situation due to the double-shot legends. An OEM controller has been used as the primary reference.

The inner layer for the keycaps will have holes or gaps visible through the semi-transparent top layer. These are not defects but manufacturing constraints from the double shot injection molding process. Coincidentally this is an appropriate fit for the theme, as the original transparent shells of the source reference also expose the underlying molding structures (i.e. threaded holes for screws).

The images shown are used for illustrative purposes only. There may be variations because of differences in display output due to lighting, angle of view, and screen calibration. Furthermore the semi-transparent nature of the keycap material adds another variable. I've been informed that the underlying hole/dots in fact have a lower opacity than these renders depict, and one should refer to photographs of PBTfans Pyga for a more accurate reference.


Disclaimer: Renders shown are used for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to kits for the most updated keycap layout coverages