Ready to Use KBD8X MKIII Keyboard With PBTfans Crosshair

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SKU: ZH18082
by KBDfans


  • Dual Mounting System: Top Mount/Silicone Gasket
  • Case material: Aluminum (anodized/e-coating)
  • Layout: WKL/WK
  • Weight bar: Stainless Steel/Copper/Brass
  • PCB: 1.2 mm hot-swap, ANSI layout, Non-flex cut, NKRO, USB-C interface, QMK/VIAL supported, includes Caps Lock key/Scroll Lock key RGB LED indicator
  • Plate: Polycarbonate (non-flex cut)/FR4/Aluminum/Carbon fiber
  • Typing angle: 7 degree
  • Dimension: 358 x 139 x 32.5 x 17.5 mm (rubber feet height around 1.9 mm)
  • Weight: Around 2.7Kg (built with keycaps, stainless steelweight bar)
  • Keycaps: PBTfans Crosshair - Base (SKU:PT49-1)



Price $174 of the kit only includes items below:

  • Case x1
  • Carrying case x1
  • Silicone socks x1 set
  • Cherry screw-in stabilizers 104 kit x1
  • Screwdriver(T6+T8 bit) x1
  • Screws x1 set
  • Rubber feet x1 set
  • Acrylic ambient light module (already installed) x1
  • Stabilizers x1
  • Keycap set x1

The following accessories should be purchased separately and added to the cart with the kit together:

  • Plate x1
  • PCB + Foam kit x1 (PCB x1, PCB foam x1, Switch Pad x1, Bottom foam x2, Force break tape x1)
  • Weight bar x1 (Stainless steel/Brass/Copper weight bar)

Flash Manual


Disclaimer: Check more details from the link

#Weight bar#

The surface of the brass and copper weight bar has been treated with nano-coating, which will temporarily prevent oxidation, but natural oxidation will still occur over time, which is normal, you are not eligible for a Return and refund.
- Please pay attention to the installation method. If the weight bar scratches the case during installation, it will easily cause the nano-coating to fall off, you are not eligible for a Return or refund.
- Due to the soft nature of brass/copper, some weight bars will be slightly distorted or uneven, but it will not affect use after being fixed with screws on the case, you are not eligible for Return & Refund.
- The stainless steel weight bar contains unique crescent machine marks which are not eligible for Return or refund.
- The internal scratches, machine marks or oxidation of the weight bar are not covered by the warranty.


Keyboard case - If you see any resemblance of marks or foreign material under 2 mm (tool marks, stain, dent, sand mark, scratch, etc.), you're not eligible for Return & Refund.
- Case interior - Based on the production method of anodizing and spraying, the product can lead to some smearing at the surface level, and you'll see some hook marks within the case. Also, the spraying process can not guarantee that the color will look 100% the same on the internal case corners. The color off on the interior case and the interior corners are not eligible for Return and refund.
- About the potential coating defects: Because the Faraday cage exists for this type of production method, it will be hard to coat the Interior corners perfectly. Instead of killing all the smoothness on the case coating, the interior painting job won't be as perfect as the exterior's.

#Daughter board#

Take care not to damage the JST cable and PCB components during assembly or when taking the board apart. Otherwise, there is a possibility that components may be damaged or fall off.
- All the daughter boards from KBDfans are pre-assembled with JST cable, please check carefully how they connect together, if you insert the other end in the wrong direction, there is a chance of damaging the pin inside the connector.
Those two situations above are not eligible for refund and replacement.


- Make sure to QC your keyboard case and weight before building it. For any issues besides the above, please get in touch with our customer support agents to get help.
- Anything built is not eligible for Return and refund.


  • The pre-order will ship around 3 weeks (2024-07-17)